Posted by: Sam Tanner | August 29, 2010

Where in the world am I?

Just a bit of Bank Holiday fun this one. Below is a photo of a city somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere. Can you guess which city it is? First person to get it right wins gloating rights for the rest of the day, along with some major glory. What more could you want?

Can you guess where it is yet?



  1. I don’t know but it’s pretty!

  2. Sydney.

    • OK it’s not Sydney, but I will give everybody a clue that it is a city in Australia…

  3. Gah. I should know this. The mountain thing in the background probably rules out Melbourne and Perth, it doesn’t look right for Newcastle, it’s not quite built up enough for the Gold Coast. Don’t think it’s Cullen Bay at Darwin, I remember Hobart looking a bit bleaker, and if it’s Cairns, it’s not the view of the Marina/ Esplanade I know. Brisbane’s inland (unless you’ve taken this from an outer suburb with waterfront locations that I’ve never been to). Port Douglas?

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