Posted by: Sam Tanner | September 10, 2010

Thought trains were bad? Try tram rage.

As some of you probably know, I have got myself a new job which means that firstly, I actually have a workload and secondly, I now have to get a tram to work in the morning.

Although it works out quite well for me in the respect of not having to rely on the tube network, I have noticed a difference in the way that people travel across Croydon. I have had men literally push me out of the way to get a more preferential standing spot and I have even seen a mother with a pushchair miss her stop as nobody would get out of her way.

While I’m on the point, I have never seen so many people want to travel with a pushchair during rush hour and complaining about it. While just travelling on the trains you would get the occasional daytripper that wondered why it was so busy, but if you want to get across Croydon in the morning you have to overcome pushing, shoving, yelling, tutting and what I have identified as tram rage.

It’s like travelling on a different planet, especially around the shopping centre’s. Young girls scream at their guys if they can’t get a seat. KFC is a mandatory travelling meal and ‘yeah’ is added at the end of every sentence on inane phone calls. However, these phone calls are bloody entertaining. People have no shame. I’ve learnt that somebody is stealing from a till at a major retailer, a 12 year old is ‘getting dirty’ with her ‘man’ and that ‘old is like 35’.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Croydon is a shit hole – both my parents grew up here. It’s just a different kind of commute and at times more frustrating than getting into Victoria.

Anyone else have a totally altered commute that’s a bit odd to them?



  1. Oh dear, well I hail from Bromley, so reckon I could’ve chimed in with a bit of Croydon-bashing had you not’ve already nailed it quite nicely.
    We’re getting trams here in Edinburgh in 2012 (so they say) be interesting to see if they are equally uncivilised.
    Funnily enough, the last time I was in Croydon I think was for an interview with a company called GiftTrack. Have to say there’s lots of things I miss about London but commuting is not one of them!

    • I hate trams, I would rather get a bus!

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