Posted by: Sam Tanner | October 8, 2010

An idiot abroad or bang on the money?

No one is more happy than me that Karl Pilkington has got his own TV show, especially as he has made me laugh for years. An Idiot Abroad on Sky 1 is not only an elaborate practical joke to see him moan for an hour about the wonders of the world, but also shows the reality behind the fantasy.

Now I’m not going to sit here and say that this is a travel show with a difference, because it’s not, not really. What it shows is an average person thrown into a different culture and a different way of life and how they deal with it.

In fact some of the observations made in this programme are backed up when I talk to people that have also been, in the sense that they go ‘it’s alright’ too. Twice a year the product development team from work venture out to China and go across the whole country looking for new factories. They agree with how the whole gobbing situation is just plain disgusting and outside the cities, China looks like one mass shanty town.

In addition, earlier in the year my brother ventured to the pyramids at Giza and his exact response was ‘was alright, best bit was the Pizza Hut opposite it.’ What I gather speaking to those that have actually ventured out to explore the wonders of the world is that it takes forever to get there and once you are there tourists are everywhere overrunning the place and testing your patience. You could be looking at the most amazing scene but if you’re tired and want to punch another tourist in the face, you’re not really going to enjoy it as much as you could.

This is why I love the show because you just know Karl Pilkington is reacting in the same way that a lot of us would put in the exact same situation. If it’s hot, smelly, takes forever to get there on a coach and overrun with tourists with socks and sandals and bumbags, I would be sulking too.


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