Posted by: Sam Tanner | October 16, 2010

Getting out of my comfort zone – an evening at the dogs

When an evening at the dogs was first suggested I was up for it although a little bit hesitant that as a well spoken girl I would look out of place among the wide boys, the chavs and the general riff raff of society. I’m not really one for worrying about these issues too much, but after a long week at work the last thing I wanted was to step so far outside of my comfort zone that I felt stranded.

Luckily a Friday night spent at Wimbledon dog track was hardly what I imagined at all, in fact for quite a few it was a family night out and for others it looked to be a date. For us it was a bit of a laugh and a totally new experience for most of us. One of our group even said that the venue has even become more family friendly over the past few years.

In all fairness I had a brilliant time. We went on two for £10 vouchers which got us a drinks voucher for £3 (although no drinks are actually under £3), a free burger voucher (not bad) and a free bet (which I lost). We even got down to trackside and got sand in our hair from when the dogs bounded past.

With betting and the odds explained to me by a member of our group, which I will never get no matter how much anyone tells me, I went off and stuck £2 on a dog I liked the look of, which turned out to be the favourite and won. Turns out I liked winning as I won the next race too. Get in.

I must admit I was a bit scared to put the bet on in the first place, but as no one really bets all that much and it’s more of a laugh, it made it quite easy for me to bet small amounts and have a great time, even if the drinks were overpriced.

The most exciting bit of the evening were the actual races. The lights inside were turned off and the track floodlights came on outside, then you could see the hare coming round, then go! I have never seen a room of people shout and scream for something to win so much in my life – it was brilliant!

The last race of the night happened about 11pm, so it didn’t go on too late and was a totally new experience for me and actually one I quite enjoyed. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s really a night out that should be conducted with an open mind and a group of friends. It’s also worth people watching for those who take it super seriously.


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