Hi, I’m Sam. I’m a journalist and currently working as an online marketing executive, and previously as the editor of a luxury lifestyle magazine. I have previously worked as an online copywriter in the financial services industry and dabbled in the odd bit of PR. At the moment, as well as working on the online magazine, I ocassionally freelance.

I love reading and writing about travel. Over the past few years I have been around Australia, Croatia, Greece, other European countries and (some would say obviously) the UK. One year I had a blip and ended up in Benidorm, but I don’t like to talk about it.

I haven’t really travelled in the backpacker sense for about 5 years, but every trip or holiday I experience I like to make it a travelling experience and head away from the crowds. Apart from in Benidorm, I still don’t know how I ended up there.

I’m also interested in writing about sport, politics, films and journalism in general – but not all at the same time. That would just be silly.

I love meeting new people and creating discussions as it is always really interesting to see other points of view. This means I actively encourage commenting on my blog, or if your have a query – email me (address on contact me page).

I’m big on online media, especially social media. It’s kind of the direction my life is heading in at the moment so from time to time I may blog about certain trends I think are important and people should implement, like now.

You can follow me on Twitter (see below) and you can also sign up to receive the latest updates from my blog by subscribing using the tool on the sidebar to the right. Hope you enjoy what I have to say.

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