Examples of work

Well, there’s no point in claiming that you write without proof to back up the claim. Here are some recent examples of my work. If you want to contact me with regards to products or inclusion on Wealth & Living, please go through the website.

I am currently the editor of Wealth & Living Magazine and as we have a small team, I mainly write and upload the content to the site. That said, there a a few articles that I am particularly pround/fond of. These are linked below:

Facebook’s initial value soars as investors seek stake

South Australia launch bid to attract bored Brits

Over 91% of interest in overseas property is focused on just five countries

Provence Truffle Hunting at the Hotel Crillon le Brave

Are CIVETS the new BRIC on the block?

Another BRIC in the wall: how Brazil will benefit from sporting and investment success

All aboard Crystal Cruises

London among the most expensive for expats

Lloyds TSB Launches Premier International Account for Expats

Female divorcees becoming disadvantaged at retirement

Swiss and German cities at top of ‘top cities’ ranking

Visa changes allow wealthy expats immediate residency in New Zealand

Australia Ranked Top in Child Expat Survey

Failure in Careful Retirement Planning Leaves Women at Risk

Why invest in emerging markets?

An example of freelance work below for Investor Insight magazine:

International Mortgages Article

Freelance for BuyAssociation:

Now is the time to invest in Brazil

Greece Financial Crisis and Your Money

How to become more tax efficient

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